Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Writing Competition Shortlist - Wildest Dreams Competition

Hi to everyone who entered the competition - your entries are up on the write a rama section of the website.
As they were all so brilliant I picked the three shortlisted ones out of a hat and they are:
Peace (9 to 11)
Sorcha (9 to 11)
and Tia (12 to 14)
Well done, girls! You will now be in the main draw to win a pack of lovely book and glittery goodies!
News on the overall winner next week right here. Stay tuned.
Sarah XXX

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hi to All the Kildare Gang and Another Great Review from Anna

Hi to all the great girls and guys from Kildare I met today in the Riverbank Theatre. Fab questions, lads!

And here's another quick review from Anna in Cork . . .
If you'd like to submit a review for the website, do send it to me - sarah at

Here is my review on Bridesmaid Blitz

Bridesmaid blitz is a fabulous book and I could not put it down it is one of her best books maybe the best. My favorite characters are Clover and Gracie. I was mad with my self for finishing it because it was so good. A thrilling book with a real Paris feel, I loved it. Full of emotion, comedy, a French feeling, and a whole lot of Sarah Webb. My favorite part is when Amy becomes godmother. Enjoy and remember "A good book shines light on your life"(I made that up)
xx10 outa 10

Anna O' C xx

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Niamh Sharkey and Cecelia Ahern go mad for On the Road . . .

And here's one I took at the Irish Book Awards launch of my mate, Niamh with none other than Cecelia Ahern - Niamh is the one on the left! Don't they look fab, the girls!

Go Niamh!

More celebrity book pics next week!!!

Sarah XXX

Derek Landy and John Boyne

Cool Writers Part 1 and 2: Derek Landy and John Boyne

I know a lot of you love reading - and guess who I bumped into recently at the Irish Book Awards launch - none other than my fellow writer friend, Derek Landy. I first met Derek about a month before his debut Skulduggery book came out, and I've had great fun following his career and chatting books with him ever since. He's a truly fab and cool guy and I think his novels are getting better and better every year.

But the COOLEST thing about Derek is the way he treats his fans. My son, Sam is a mega Derek fan and Derek kindly drew a wee pic on a napkin at the launch and let me take a pic of him holding it for Sam. Needless to say Sam was thrilled!
Derek rocks!

And ask for John Boyne - he's bfs with none other than Danni Minogue, the best judge in the X-Factor by miles. How impressive is that! He was at the show on Saturday with his sister - I'm green with envy.

I have such cool writer friends. And they write pretty fantastic books too!
More on my writer friends soon, including some rather fab pics of me in a pink limo with none other than Cathy Cassidy - if I can find the bloomin' pics that is!

Sarah XXX
PS expect lots more blogging action in the New Year my Amy Greensters, I'm only warming up!

Sarah with lovely illustrator, Niamh Sharkey
and Conor Hackett, our fab Walker Books 'minder' at the
launch of the Irish Book Awards.
To vote for Sarah (or Niamh) log onto and click on the vote button at the top. Ask Amy Green:Bridesmaid Blitz is in the senior children's category.
Thanks for voting!
Sarah XXX

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ask Amy Green Party Drama-Rama - some clues

So what's in store for Amy and Clover next? Well, lots of you have been asking about the next Amy Green so I have some news for you.
First of all it will be out in May 2011 - 5 months to go I'm afraid. But stay tuned here and to the newsletter for more details.
Mills and Seth are back of course, along with Clover - naturally! Try keeping her away.
Clover's going to college but she's really nervous - for very good reason. There's someone in college she really, really doensn't want to meet up with.
And Bailey Otis is back - he of the cheek bones and amazing green eyes. Bailey has a secret, and Amy's determined to find out what it is.
But of course, Mills falls head over heels for him . . . she always has some sort of boy trouble on the go, being MIlls!
I'll tell you more soon, promise. And as Amy says, 'A promise is a promise'.
Talk soon,
Sarah X

Fantastic Review from Anna from Cork

Boy Trouble is a fantastic book, I did not want to put it down at night when I was reading it. It is a fab read and makes you not want to stop turning the pages. When I finished it I held it to my chest as if to say I did not want the story to end! Luckily I have her 2nd book Summer Secrets to read now! Yippee! Sarah can make anything work and I keep dreaming about what will happen next (even in school shh.... ) My favourite character is Amy's aunt Clover (she is 17) I wish I had an aunt like Clover. Amy has some great and awful times but is still great and can stick through anything. My favourite part is when Amy sneaks off at night. You'll have to read it to find out more, 5 OUT OF 5
And remember books are a girl's best friend !!!! - Anna O' C from Cork