Tuesday, April 20, 2010

News on Amy 3 - but in the meantime you could read . . .

Hi folks, Amy here again!

Lots of you have been asking when the new book featuring my most excellent and thrilling adventures is out - well, that would be October. Sarah tells me it's finished and it's absolutely fab if she says so herself.

It's called Bridesmaid Blitz and all the old gang are back - Amy and Clover obviously, Mills, Seth, and the ancients - Polly, Sylvie, Gramps, Dave. Plus a rather mysterious new character called Bailey.

But in the meantime if you just have to read something and you've already devoured Boy Trouble and Summer Secrets dozens of times (that would be you, Michelle C, don't deny it!), check out Threads: Beads, Boys and Bangles by Sophia Bennett. Set in the London fashion world, it's full of cool dresses, cute ballet boys, mad friends and Indian adventures. I LOVED it.

And more news - Sarah is touring Ireland with Sophia and another fantastic Irish writer, Judi Curtin in October - the Armed, Pink and Dangerous Tour 2010. More details soon.

Talk soon,


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break, Dublin Style

Is there anything better than school holidays? I think not! Unfortunately my annoying female parental thought I was having far too much fun sleeping, hanging out with my friends, and catching up on Glee and decided to put me on baba duty for the afternoon while she went to the dentist.

At least that’s where she said she was going – I have my doubts – can a filling really take two whole hours? Please! Her teeth are not elephant tusk sized.

So I got landed with Alex and Evie, my little brother and sister. And I was supposed to be meeting up with Seth and Mills. They kindly offered to help me with the babies, so I pushed Evie in the buggy, and Seth put Alex on his back and we headed off to the park.

Alex nearly gave Seth a black eye with his sharp little heels, but apart from that we all got there in one piece.

Then we made the mistake of giving the babies ice cream cones, which they got all over their faces, hands, hair and clothes. Evie even got ice cream up her nose – yuck! I had to dig it out with the corner of a tissue.

When we got home Mum nearly had a fit.

‘What happened?’ she demanded. ‘Why are they both so sticky and what’s that gloop in their hair? Amy!’

‘It’s only ice cream, Mum,’ I said. ‘It’ll wash out.’

She narrowed her eyes. ‘Did Dave put you up to this?’ (Dave’s my kind of step dad)

‘Up to what?’

‘He told you, didn’t he? That if you do something badly I might not ask you to do it again.’

‘No! And I wasn’t trying to be a rubbish babysitter on purpose if that’s what you’re implying,’ I protested. ‘I was doing you a favour. Look, I’ll put them both in the bath for you. OK?’

She softened up a bit then and gave me a tenner. Score!

Hope you don’t have to babysit too much over the holliers, my friends!

Until next time -

Keep smiling!