Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paddy's Day Palaver!

Well my dear friends, I'm still a-shaking and a-quivering all over!

Mills and Seth had this great idea yesterday - to go to the funfair at Bray. OK, I thought, that's coolaboola - I can just watch and catch some rays (the sun was actually out yesterday - hello stranger!). I'm so not into being hurtled around in the air, my stomach lurching into my mouth.

Then Clover decided to tag along too. Brains (her boyf) was playing a Paddy's Day gig in the evening with his band so he was off setting it all up, and she had the afternoon free.

But when I got there Clover said 'Come on, Beanie. Don't be such a chick-chick-chick-chicken.' She folded her arms under her armpits and did a flapping impression. 'Bwalk, bwalk, bwalk, bwalk, bwalk.'

'Fine,' I said huffily. 'I'll go on one ride. Something that doesn't go up in the air, understand?'

So she pulled me towards the swings by the arm, Seth and Mills following behind. Before I knew what was happening, I was strapped into a seat, my body suspended in the air. I looked up - the two chains looked safe enough but I was still nervous.

Clover was sitting on one side, Mills on the other and Seth just behind us.

'What does this do exactly?' I asked Clover.

Clover smiled. 'It just swings around a bit, you know. The clue's in the title - the swings.'

'Don't be such a smartie pants,' I said. The machine sprung into action and all the seats started to lift in the air. And lift, and lift, and lift - until we were dozens of feet off the ground. YIKES!

'I hate heights, Clover,' I shrieked. 'You know that.' I screwed my eyes shut.

'Hum, we are quite high up, aren't we?' she shouted back over the noise of the ride. 'But what a view.'

'I'm not opening my eyes,' I said. 'Tell me when it's all over.'

I hung to the chains for dear life and wished I'd stuck to my guns.

Well, I lived to tell the tale. But I'm never, ever going near a fun fair with Clover again, eva!

Catch you soon,


Monday, March 8, 2010

Rin on the Rox

My friend, Kate sent me this link of Rin on the Rox - two American girls who truly rock! Check them out singing on You Tube - they are sooooo addictive.
See ya,
The You Tube link:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy World Book Day and Thanks for Reading!

First of all, I got several emails this week saying how much you're enjoying reading my blog. Thanks so much for checking it out! You guys diamond rock!

Well, I have good news - Sarah says I can keep writing the blog as long as I have something to say. Yeah and double yeah!

Hum, better find something to say then.

Happy World Book Day for a start. To celebrate a copy of Boy Trouble (my first book, but you know that, right!) was left at the end of Dun Laoghaire for some lucky - ahem - person to find. Wonder who it went home with? Can't wait to find out. It's called book crossing - you release a book into the wild for other readers - pretty cool, eh?

You can check it out here:

Otherwise all is pretty cool chez Green this week - nothing major to report. Mum's been dropping hints about Mother's Day - don't forget - it's Sunday 14th. Big hints - like 'If you guys forget Mother's Day again I'm going on strike! No washing, no cooking, no cleaning.'
'What like normal you mean, Sylvie?' Dave said, grinning.
Mum swatted him with a tea towel. She wasn't amused. I thought it was kinda funny myself.

OK, she's yelling at me again, dinner's up. Spag bol - tres exciting, not! Hope it's edible - Mum's not exactly Jamie Oliver. See ya soon,


Monday, March 1, 2010

Rachel's Ode to Maths

This is a cool article sent to the Goss by a student in 6th class in Dunboyne (nice place in Ireland) - Clover passed it on to me - it's pretty good so I thought I'd publish it here on my Amy Blog.

I've added my own comments on it of course! If you've read my books you'll know I'm a maths geek, sad but true!!!!


Make Maths a Friend! by Rachel

To me, Maths has no personality. It’s like a dead person, it doesn’t exist. (How can you say this, Rachel? Amy)

There’s nothing deep about it. You can’t leave your own mark on it. It doesn’t express who you are as a person, because in maths there’s always an answer but only one. You have no choice. You can’t leave your own stamp on it. But maybe I’m missing something? There could be some secret to maths no one knows. Something deep hidden behind the numbers. (See, Rachel, you're getting it now - Amy)

All subjects can be thought about in different ways, In the end I think it all depends on our attitude towards it. Maybe if we think about Maths in a more positive way, it will appeal to us differently. We just think of maths as a bad subject because it seems like that subject everyone just has to hate and groan about, because if you think about it, it’s not very popular is it? (Except with me!)

Maybe maths seems bad to us because it is one of those subjects we just love to hate. Pretend for a minute maths had feelings, I don’t think it would like being complained at so much, would you?

I know I wouldn’t be the first person you’d think of running to for tips on maths but here are some on how you can help improve your attitude towards it. (You go, girl!)


1. Think of maths positively. If you think about maths in a positive way. It will come out like that on the paper.

2. I know I said before maths has no personality, but as hard as it is try your very best to pretend it does. Pretend Maths has feelings like a person. Pretend he’s...Max! If Maths was a real person you wouldn’t wan’t to hurt his feelings would you? So try your best doing the sums for him, and not only the teacher will be pleased.(I know this sounds crazy, but try it out and it might work.)

3. Try come up with different ways to get the answer . You don’t have to figure it out the same way as everyone else. Everybody is different and has a different approach. Even though I said there is only one answer there are still a hundred ways to get it. (Abso-doodle-lutely, Rachel!)

4. Tutor! Yes tutor. If you feel you have a strength in a certain area don’t be afraid to help someone who doesn’t. Once you know you’ve helped someone get an answer you’ll feel much better about yourself and tutoring also is a brilliant fun way to learn as you can still learn by teaching someone.

5. There are so many different areas in maths that if you feel you’ve given up (Never Give Up!!) in a certain area don’t be afraid to give a go at another one, you never know, surprisingly you might like it, it’s always good to try new things.

6. Ok so this is my last tip and so for the final one I think overall it’s all about how we look at things. Like me you may think that maths is boring or nothing to it, or not deep in any way. But try turn those bad thoughts the other way round, you know all the moaning and bad thinking won’t make it any better. Pretend Maths is all the things you think it isn’t and you just might believe it! So that’s it I think by writing this down I’ve seen maths in a different way and you should too because I guess really in the end the numbers don’t bite! (Rachel, you are so right! Numbers don't bite. But my baby sis, Evie does - ow, ow, ow. Have to go, she's got my leg . . . . Amy)