Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Write To Me (Or Any Other Writer)

Here is my pin board, full of post:

I get lots of lovely fan mail from all over the world from readers. And I write back to every single letter.
But how do you write to me?
First you open one of my books and find my publisher’s address. They're called Walker Books.
It's on the page that has all the publication details – see the highlighted bit below (it's pretty small!).

So if you want to write to me this is the address:
Sarah Webb
c/o Walker Books
87 Vauxhall Walk
SE11 5HJ

In fact, you can contact any author in the world through their publisher - Jacqueline Wilson, Derek Landy, Judi Curtin. I can't guarantee that they will write back, but if your letter is nice enough, I'm sure they will.

So now you know. And I'll be expecting lots of lovely letters very soon!

Yours in books,
Sarah XXX