Monday, March 14, 2011

Sort it Out, Sarah on RTE telly

Hi All,

Here is a clip of my lastest Sort it Out, Sarah on RTE television - the link is below. Hope you like it!
Every month I appear on the show Elev8, sorting out problems. They range from advice on what girls like (boys with a sense of humour!), what to do if your mum is your teacher, to how to cope when friends turn mean, and or you get left out of things.

It's a really great experience, and fun too. I love getting my make up done - there's something very relaxing about lying back on the special chair (like a dentist's chair) and having someone do your face up.

One day I might even make Amy and Clover on screen agony aunts and use what I have found out - what do you think?!

Sarah XXX