Tuesday, December 22, 2009

News for Amy Greensters

Hi there!

First of all, Happy Christmas and have a fab New Year. Hope Santa is good to you and brings lots of moolah, vouchers, music, iphones, clothes etc etc

I’m hoping for book tokens myself – there are some great books out and I can’t wait to reading gorge over the holidays. And I’m getting back seats for my little classic Mercedes, yeah! At the moment it only has front seats so my two best friends have to fight over who gets to go in it.

Here’s a red version (above) – mine’s light blue but it’s in storage for the winter – too wet in Ireland to leave it outside. Cute, eh? I call mine Jennifer after this old telly show called Hart to Hart. Jennifer Hart drove one.

Book News

Breaking news – there are two brand new Amy Greens out in 2010, Summer Secrets and Bridesmaid Blitz.

Book 2, Amy Green, Teen Agony Queen: Summer Secrets is out in February. Set in Dublin, West Cork and Miami, it’s full of secrets, lies, arguments, drama-rama and cute boys. I know you’re going to love it.

Here’s a tiny sneak preview:

Chapter 1

‘It’s soooo unfair,’ I moan, my head on Seth’s lap. We’re lying on Killiney Beach, our special place. Seth’s my boyfriend (I love saying that – boyfriend!) and it was on this very beach I first noticed his amazing sky blue eyes, not to mention his wash board stomach.
His dog, Billy is rolling around in the sand beside us and yapping happily. Seth throws a stone into the sea and Billy races after it, lunging into the water, his tail wagging from side to side, like a windscreen wiper.
Seth winds my hair around his fingers. ‘I know, but it’s only three weeks.’
‘Only three weeks? A lot can happen in three weeks.’

And a lot does happen! You’ll have to read it to find out what.

Book 3, Bridesmaid Blitz, out in October. More about that one soon.

Other Future Book News

Candlewick have just signed up American rights to Amy Green – yeah! They will be publishing all six books in the series, starting in Autumn (Fall) 2010 and it’s mega exciting.

Oh and the first Amy Green has just come out in Polish – what fun!


I found black urchin Annie boots (low heel, lace up) in a wee shoe shop in Blackrock and I’m delighted with them – it’s hard to find nice flat boots that don’t look like wellies on my big feet (size 6).

And then I found black knee high boots with a cuban heel in Brown Thomas (cool dept store in Dublin) that I just adored so I had to have them too. Oops. And apologies to Katie in the Walker office in London. I think she may have the same pair – I admired them so much when I was over there a few weeks and I couldn’t help myself. But as we live on the far side of the pond from each other I’m sure she won’t mind.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and talk to you again in February.

Much love,

Sarah XXXX