Thursday, February 3, 2011

Problems, problems . . . from the vaults of Sort It Out, Sarah!

Problems, problems . . .

Every second Thursday I’m Sort it Out, Sarah on RTE telly’s show, ELEV8.
Viewers send me their problems and I try to fix them.

Here are 2 problems from last week and the answers I gave:

Hi Sarah,

My friend always wears the same kinds of clothes as me and it’s really annoying. I get annoyed at her but I can’t say it because then we’ll end up having a fight. How do I tell her to dress differently without hurting her feelings?

Well, that’s a tough one. Your friend is copying your style because a/ she thinks you look cool and b/ she is unsure of her own style. So it’s a compliment to you that she’s copying your clothes. But saying that, she needs to find her own style.

So here’s what I’d suggest:

Be her stylist – all the movie stars and singers have stylists. Go through her wardrobe and pick out some outfits that suit her and show her how to put cool looks together.

Go shopping with her and help her to pick out some great new clothes. They don’t have to be expensive.

Good luck!

Hi Sarah,

When we’re in hockey and we’re picking teams, I find it hard to pick my friend for my team because she’s not as sporty as I am and I don’t want our team to lose but I also don’t like making her feel bad. What can I do?

That’s another difficult one. I’m quite competitive too, so I know what it’s like. You want to win but you don’t want to hurt your friend.

Here’s what I’d suggest:

Tell your friend you can only pick her every few weeks as otherwise it would look like favouritism.

After school or at the weekend practice with her and help her pick up a few tips.

Hope that helps!

Best, Sarah XXX